Master (Philology)

The curricula and courses in the speciality “Philology”:

 eng_plan 035.041 Germanic Languages ​​and Literature, first – English.

Qualification: Teacher of English and German/French/Spanish Languages and World Literature.

Department: English Philology

 clas_plan 035.08 Classical Languages ​​and Literature.

Qualification: Teacher of Latin-Old Greek, Greek Language and Antique Literature. Teacher of English/German Languages.

Department: Classical Philology

 ger_plan 035.043 Germanic Languages ​​and Literature (Including Translation), first – German.

Qualification: Teacher of German and English Languages and World Literature.

Department: German Philology

 tr_eng_plan 035.041 Germanic Languages ​​and Literature (translation included) first – English.

Qualification: Translator of English and German/French/Spanish Languages. Teacher of Translation, English and German/French/Spanish Languages.

Department: the Hryhoriy Kochur Department of Translation Studies and Contrastive Linguistics

 tr_ger_plan 035.043 Germanic Languages ​​and Literature (translation included), first – German.

Qualification: Translator of German and English Languages. Teacher Translation, German and English Languages.

Department: Intercultural Communication and Translation

 fr_plan 035.055 Romance Languages ​​and Literature, first – French.

Qualification: Teacher of French and English Languages and World Literature.

Department: French Philology

 esp_plan1 035.051 Romance Languages ​​and Literature, first – Spanish.

Qualification: Teacher of Spanish and English Languages and World Literature.

Department: French Philology