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The Department of Foreign Languages for the Humanities was established on 16 June 1998 based on the University Department of Foreign Languages founded in 1959. The Department provides teaching English and German at the Humanity faculties to full-time and part-time students, in groups of MA and PhD students. Teaching staff: 12 docents,  1 senior lecturer, 30 lecturers. The head of the Department is R. I. Dudok (Docent, PhD).

The first head of University Department of Foreign Languages was S.O. Hursky. During twenty years the department was headed by prof. K.Ya. Kusko. Teaching foreign language by the Department focuses on developing communication skills and acquiring knowledge on foreign languages for specific purposes. 14 teachers have worked on such state budget themes as “Foreign Languages as the Languages for Specific Purposes ”, “Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes” and “Lingvodidactic Organization of Teaching Foreign Languages at the Humanity Faculties “(Head – prof. K.Ya. Kusko).


Chairperson, Professor (by-worker)Roman DudokChairperson, Professor (by-worker)
DocentOlga DzhulykDocent
DocentNatalya HrynyaDocent
Docent (by-worker)Olha IvashchyshynDocent (by-worker)
DocentLiliya KuznyetsovaDocent
DocentValentyna MaksymukDocent
DocentSvitlana MarkelovaDocent
DocentOlha MatviienkivDocent
DocentLesya MysykDocent
DocentOleksandra OstrovskaDocent
DocentOksana PotochnyakDocent
DocentAlla RaduDocent
DocentVolodymyr RudyiDocent
DocentIryna SavkaDocent
DocentEvelina ShabaykovychDocent
DocentIvan TeplyyDocent
Senior LecturerVasyl ChornyiSenior Lecturer
LecturerOl'ha AliyevaLecturer
LecturerOksana AndrushchakLecturer
LecturerAnetta ArtsyshevskaLecturer
LecturerNatalya BobalLecturer
LecturerIhor DevlyshLecturer
LecturerRoman HnativLecturer
LecturerLyudmyla HornostayLecturer
LecturerZoreslava HukLecturer
LecturerOlena IvvasyutaLecturer
LecturerOlena KovalchukLecturer
LecturerOlga KrasilnikovaLecturer
LecturerOrest KrasivskyiLecturer
LecturerOlena KulchytskaLecturer
LecturerNataliya KurylkoLecturer
LecturerOksana LozynskaLecturer
LecturerHalyna MalynovskaLecturer
LecturerYuliya MasyukevychLecturer
LecturerOksana MikulaLecturer
LecturerRoman MonastyrskyiLecturer
LecturerLyudmyla PoplavskaLecturer
Lecturer, Department Secretary (by-worker)Anna RutarLecturer, Department Secretary (by-worker)
LecturerAnastasiya RyzhaLecturer
LecturerUlyana RyzhaLecturer
LecturerOlena SamusevychLecturer
LecturerIryna ShabaykovychLecturer
LecturerIryna ShaynerLecturer
LecturerOlvia VysotskaLecturer
LecturerTetyana YaremkoLecturer
Lecturer, Senior Department Secretary (by-worker)Ulyana YatsusLecturer, Senior Department Secretary (by-worker)
LecturerOlena Znas'Lecturer
Senior Department SecretaryOlena SamusevychSenior Department Secretary
Department SecretaryOksana KrokhinaDepartment Secretary

Teaching materials

The Department teachers participated in the European Tempus-Tacis Program and the Partnership between the Ivan Franko National University of L’viv and the University of Oregon, the USA. The teachers completed the courses of “Academic Writing” and “Computer Assisted Language Learning” and got the certificates of the University of Oregon.

With the assistance of  the Partnership Program, Center for English Academic Writing has been founded by a team of teachers who can provide qualitative advice and organize professional training in English Academic Writing. The purpose of the Center is to help university teachers and students, school teachers and pupils as well as other people interested in issues relating to English Academic Writing. The Center offers effective approaches that meet the modern Ukrainian educational and cultural context.

10 teachers of the Department have taken reasearch and language courses of training in leading universities of Europe and the USA. The teachers have also been collaborating with the British Council in Ukraine, Goethe Institute, European Writing Centers Association(EWCA), European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW) and TESOL.

Main scientific-methodological materials


Reseachers of the department published seven monographs, among them 3 collective ones, more than 600 articles and conference abstracts, 6 textbooks, 14 manuals, 206 methodological guidelines and programs. The department regularly runs regional seminar “Problems of Discourse Theory and Text Linguistics” (founder – prof. K.Ya. Kusko). Lecturers of the Department supervise work on writing theses by PhD students. More than 30 theses have been defended.

Every year teachers of the Department present at regional and international conferences. Complex system of level language learning at the Humanity faculties has been elaborated and corresponding teaching programs have been worked out. This methodology has been tested and implemented in teaching process.

Affiliate resource center where students learn foreign languages through new technology and computer-oriented programs has been working. Computer tests for students of the Humanity faculties have been elaborated.

For many years the Department has been practicing the defence of course and diploma papers in foreign languages. Every year the competition for the best knowledge of foreign languages (English, German.) is organized for students of the Humanity faculties.