Mariya Stakhiv

Research interests

Pragmatics of the language is a rather enticing field of study within linguistics.

Then there is colour. Literary works sound in the first place, but more often than not writers add the lustre, the sparkle, interference film to the chime. They paint in actual brushstrokes, rich in colour, and literally stick to their colours. At the crossroads of digital art and literary fiction another work of art might come to being – a visual representation, impressionistic attempt to paint a poem\short story\novel. However, it is only swatches I can see so far.



Lviv Classical Gymnasium (2005-2011)
Lviv Oleksa Novakivskyi Art School (2007-2011)
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (2011-2017). Specialty: Classics.

Modern Greek Language Summer School (Greece, August 2013) (A2)
English Language Course (Finland, 18.01.16 – 22.01.16) (B2)
Super Memory (Lviv, Origami Studio, 10.05.17 – 15.06.17) (Basic mnemonic techniques).

Arts and crafts. Keen on illustration, book graphics, custom painted clothes and fabrics. The hobby is vastly applied in the teaching-learning process.
Cycling, swimming.


I boldly claim Englksh to be a Pane:

Englksh Is a Pane

© Alan Balter

Hear eye sit inn English class; the likelihood is that eye won’t pass
An F on my report card wood bee worse than swallowing glass
It’s knot that eye haven’t studied, often till late at knight
Butt the rules are sew confusing, eye simply can’t get them write

Hour teacher says, “Heed my advice, ewe must study and sacrifice”
Butt if mouses are mice and louses are lice, how come blouses aren’t blice
The confusion really abounds when adding esses two nouns
Gooses are geese, butt mooses aren’t meese; somebody scent in the clowns

Two ultimatums are ultimata, and a couple of datum are data
Sew wouldn’t ewe expect it wood bee correct fore a bunch of plums to be plata?
And if more than won octopus are octopi, and the plural of ox is oxen
Shouldn’t a couple of busses bee bussi and a pare of foxes bee foxen?

Let’s talk about spelling a wile, specifically letters witch are silent
Words like “psychologist” and “wreck” shirley make awl of us violent
And another example quite plane witch is really hard two explain
If it’s eye before e except after sea, then what about feign and reign?

The final exam will determine how eye due, weather eye pass ore fail
I halve prepared as much as eye can down two the last detail
I’m ready two give it my vary best inn just a little wile
And then isle take a relaxing wrest on a tropical aisle