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Symposium: Work, Life, Study: Literacies In and Out of Institutions

19.03.2019 | 08:56

Professional, Academic and Work-based literacies (PAWBL) SIG
Symposium: 11 June, 2019
Work, life, study: Literacies In and Out of Institutions
Seacole Building, City South Campus, Birmingham City University, B15 3TN, UK
11.00- 16.00
Call for Abstracts and Registration Information (PAWBL Symposium 2019 CfA 12th March)

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Program of Reserve Officers

11.02.2019 | 15:16

Applicants who wish to prepare for the program of reserve officers, the deadline for filing documents is by April 1, 2019 at the address: Lviv, 29A Sakharova st. (Department of Military Training of the National Academy of Army) cabinet number 3.

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