Evelina Shabaykovych

Position: Associate Professor, Foreign Languages for the Humanities Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-41-76

Research interests

modern methods of teaching foreign languages, the stydy of lexico-grammatical characteristics of professional literature, effective organization of teaching process


The author of 65 scientific and methodology works, in particular – the co-author of three monographs, 4 educational accessories, a series of tests for students’ knowledge control, educational ESP course  programs. Initiated and supported of development of level system of  foreign languages teaching for students of Humanities. The head and since 1995 – the member of Methodology Council of Foreign Languages Faculty. The member of  magazine “Foreign Philology” editorial board. Since 1977 is in charge of Ministry of Education of Ukraine scientific state budget themes, which deal with development of modern conceptions of foreign languages teaching, creation of educational plans and programs, ways of improvement of teaching effectiveness. Among them – state budget theme P. “Optimization of content, forms of organization, methods and conditions of foreign languages teaching ( in the conditions of adaptive educational system ) – 1986 – 1990, also theme Z1 – 546B “development of active methods  of foreign languages teaching and problems of linguomethodics”- 1992 – 1994, Z1 – 646B “Development of constructive methods of professional and colloquial communication teaching and linguodidactic bases of contrasts (foreign language – Ukrainian)” – 1992 -1994, Z1 -546 “Development of conceptual basis of methods of foreign languages teaching in Ukraine” – 1993 – 1998, Z1 -170B “Problems of text linguistics, linguodidactics and pragmastylistics of foreign language communication” – 1995 -1996, Z1 – 170B “Foreign languages as languages for specific purpose. Development of methods of teaching foreign languages for specific purpose” – 1997 -1999, IG – 21B “Linguodidactic organization of foreign languages teaching for students of Humanities of Higher Educational Establishments” – 2000 – 2002.

Main publications:

Optimization of teaching reading foreign text//Problems of optimization of teaching foreign languages in Higher Educational Establishments. Philology series.  20.L’viv, 1990.P.37 – 47.

Research of ways of optimization of foreign languages teaching process//Foreign philology, № 100. L’viv, 1990.

Teaching reading foreign text//Collective monograph “Linguodidactic organization of foreign languages teaching process in Higher Educational Establishment. L’viv, 1996.

Linguostatistic analysis of the professional text (on the material of law texts)//Collective monograph “Foreign professional text: linguodidactic aspects.”, L’viv, Svit, 1998.

Discourse of programs, educational accessories and contents of foreign languages teaching// Collective monograph “Discourse of foreign communication.”, L’viv, 2002.


Philologist, specialist in German, Candidate of Pedagogic (1982), Associate Professor (1984). 

            Graduated from the foreign Languages Department in 1962.

            1962 – 1971 – German language teacher in Lviv Agricultural Institute ( now LvivAgriculturalUniversity). 1971 – 1974 – postgraduate student of Technical Means Department of Minsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. Since 1975 – a German language teacher of Foreign Languages Department of Lviv National Ivan Franko University.