Ivanna Demydyak

Research interests

  • Interdiscourse
  • Intertextuality
  • Audio-visual translation




Interdiscourse as a way of destroying gender stereotypes / I. R. Demydiak // Current problems of philology and translation studies. – 2016. – Vol. 10 (1). – P. 195-199.
Interdiscourse space of the American animated film. (Science and Education A New Dimension Philology Vol.4.2013. – 170p. 53-56p)
The issue of intertextuality and interdiscourse(on the material of the cartoon ‘Shrek’). (Student Scientific Notes. Series “Philological”. – Ostrog: Publishing House of the National University of Ostroh Academy. – vol.2 – 2009-304p. 36-41pp.)
Genesis of the interpretation of the term “discourse”. (Scientific notes S .: Philological sciences (linguistics), Vol.75 (3) 2008, p.333-335.)




Born on April 28, 1983 in Lviv. Studied at school number 53. From 2000 – 2005 studied at Ivan Franko Lviv National University at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. In June 2005 successfully passed the state examinations and received a diploma of Master, speciality “Language and Literature (English)”, teacher of English and German languages ​​and world literature.
2006 – 2011 – studied at postgraduate studies at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, at the Department of English Philology.
While studying at the university, I worked as a teacher of English at the private school “Erudit” from 2002-2005.
From 2005-2008 I worked as a teacher of English at the Halictsky Institute of Economics and Tourism and 2008-2009 at the European University. From 2015-2017 I worked as a teacher at the faculty of Technical Translation at Lviv State University of Life Safety.
In March 2018 I was appointed to the position of a teacher at the Faculty of Translation Studies and Contrastive Linguistics named after Hryhoriy Kochur, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
I am currently working on research work on “Interdiscourse of an animated film” (based on the cartoon “Shrek”).



1. International Conference: “Language and World: Research and Teaching” (Kirovohrad, 2008);
2. All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Intercultural Communication: Language – Culture – Personality” (Ostrog, 2008);
3. International scientific and practical conference “Language and culture: modern aspects of the relationship” (Odesa, 2015).
4. II International Conference “Research and teaching of foreign languages ​​in a globalized economic space” (Kyiv, 2016)
5. International scientific and practical conference “Development of philological sciences: European perspectives and national perspectives” (Odesa, 2018)