Liudmyla Babiichuk

Position: Associate Professor, English Philology Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-41-04

Research interests

  • Functional Styles, problems of  linguostylistics
  • Theoretical Phonetics of English Teaching experience
  • Theoretical Phonetics of English
  • Small syntax of a literary text
  • TEFL
  • Translation of two books by P. Samuelson, 1995, 1998


Supervision of two dissertations



Papers read at conferences in Ukraine

  • Linguo-Didactic Pluralism of teaching English at higher educational institutions. Ternopil, 1999
  • Exploring EFL Challenges with TESOL Community. Chernihiv, 2002
  • TEFL Innovations and Challenges. Vinnitsia, 2003
  • Communication in the Global Age. Lviv-Kyiv, 2005


Papers read at international conferences

  • The Problem of Tradition in American literature. Moscow, 1980.
  • Social Processes in the works by American writers of the end of the XIX-th- XX-th centuries. Moscow, 1988.
  • Semantics of language and text. Ivano-Frankivsk, 1993.
  • English language teaching in Ukraine. Lviv, 1995.
  • Applied linguistics in the XXI-th century: linguodidactic and cultural strategies. Lviv, 2003.
  • Ukraine-Language-World Actual Problems of Linguistics and Linguodidactics. Lviv – Vinnitsia, 2008.
  • Actual Problems of philology and American studies. Kyiv, 2009.
  • Discourse strategies of linguistics of the XXI century. Lviv, 2011.



  • Chapter in the book «Стиль и жанр художественного произведения», Lviv, 1987.
  • Особливості оповіді роману Ф. Норріса «Спрут»ю Львів, 1985.
  • Стилістична функція малого синтаксису у фаховому тексті. Lviv, Ivan Franko National University. 2002.
  • Узуальність та оказіональність словосполучення в художньому тексті. Львів, 2006.
  • Stylistic Function of Polylexemic Units in a Belle-Lettre text. Lviv, Ivan Franko National University, 2009.
  • English Phonetics. Lviv, 2009. (in col. with colleague)


Збірник конкурсних тестових завдань з англійської мови. Львів, 1999; 2002; 2004; 2006.


  • Graduation Degree (MA equivalent) ,  diploma paper with honours., Ivan Franko Lviv  State  University, 1970
  • Candidate of  Science (10.02.04 Germanic Languages),  Lviv, 1987
  • Associate Professor, 1991


Professional experience

1991 – present Associate Professor, Department of English Philology

1979-1991 – Lecturer, Department of English Philology


Specialist and  accreditation boards

  • Member of boards (for secondary schools and University students)
  • Professional organizations
  • IATEFL, Ukraine


· Oxford University, 1986