Mariya Ratych

Position: Associate Professor, Foreign Languages for Natural Sciences Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-44-54

Research interests

Investigation of the structure,semantics and functionning of Germanic and Romance languages.

Selected publications

  1. Teaching of Grammar at the lessons of foreign languages.// Linguistic-didactic organization of foreign languages educational process. – L’viv,1996,pp.195-216
  2. German vocabulary in the fields of mathematic and physics (structure, special features of translation)// Belonging to another language text by profession: Linguistic-didactic aspects ( edited  by K.Kus’ko ). – L’viv: Svit,1998, pp.243-250
  3. Zacher Mazoch “Bloody Wedding in Kyyiv” (translation from German). – L’viv:Spolom,2001, 50p.
  4. 4. German for students – geografers: PartI – L’viv:State University of L’viv 1999,50p.

                                    PartII – L’viv:State University of L’viv 2001,100p.

                                    PartIII – L’viv:State University of L’viv 2001,46p.


1979-1982 – post-graduate student of the Department of German philology of Ivan Franko State University of L’viv.

1983-1990 – assistant of the Department of Foreign Languages of Ivan Franko State University of L’viv.

Since 1991 – assistant professor of the Department of Foreign Languages (since 1998 – Department of Foreign Languages for Sciences) of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Ivan Franko National University of L’viv.