Oksana Potochnyak

Position: Associate Professor, Foreign Languages for the Humanities Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-41-76

Email: oksana.potochnyak@lnu.edu.ua

Research interests

text linguistics, stylistics, theory and practice of translation, methods of teaching German

Selected publications

“Listening comprehension as a kind of teaching method at the German lesson”//chapter of collective monograph “Linguodidactic organization of the learning foreign languages process in a higher educational establishment”. L’viv; Svit,1996, pp.159 -172.

“Linguostylistic characteristics of German chemistry text”.// chapter of collective monograph “Discourse of foreign language communication”. L’viv, L’vivNationalIvanFrankoUniversity, 2001, pp.396 -402.


Philologist, specialist in German language and literature, a lecturer of Department of Foreign Languages for Humanities of L’viv NationalIvan Franko University.

            Graduated from L’viv school N28. In 1982 graduated from L’viv StateIvanFrankoUniversity, Faculty of Foreign Languages, German Department.

            Delivers  special course of theory and practice of translation of German publicist texts for the students of Faculty of Journalism.