Volodymyr Rudyi

Position: Associate Professor, Foreign Languages for the Humanities Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-41-76

Research interests

the problem of lexicology and methods of foreign languages teaching, usage of technological means for studies. He published 75 scientific and methodological works

Selected publications

“The compound words of the type bahuvrihi modern German // Inozemna philologiya, Lviv, 1965. “Structure and Semantics of the word forming of the type bahuvrihi in the ancient upper German and the middle-upper German languages // Inozemna philologia, Lviv, 1970, issue, № 22. “The types of German surnames, formed by the individual features of the first bearers” // Inozemna philologia, Lviv, 1971, issue  25. “Neologisms in the modern German” // Inozemna philologia, Lviv, 1984, issue№ 75. “Lexical neologisms of German, specified for Western Germany” // Inozemna philologia, Lviv, 1987, issue № 88.“Priority lexics in the modern German (Chapter of monography). Foreign language text in specialty: linguistic aspects”, Lviv, 1998. “English-American borrowings in German // Scientific Heritage of Proffessor Zhluktenko and modern language knowledge // The collection of scientific. “The adjectives with the meanings of colour in modern German” // Visnyk of National University “Lvivska polytechnika”. “The problems of Ukrainian terminology № 453, Lviv, 2002.


Philologist – germanist, assosiate-professor of the Foreign language department for humanities. He has obtained secondary education in Radehiv in 1951. He has graduated German department of Foreign language faculty at Lviv State University (1956); worked as a German teacher in Chernitzia school of Lviv region.

            1959-1962 – post-graduate of German department at Lviv State University.

            1962 – worked as an assistant of Foreign languages department at Lviv State University.

            1966 – a senior lecturer of Foreign languages department at Lviv State University.

            1972 – assosiate – professor of Foreign languages department. 

            In 1966 he has supported the dissertation on the theme: “History of German exocentric compound words (supervisor -B.V. Zadorozhnyi).

He is involved into the researches on ethimological, structural and semantic and stylistic pecularities of German nouns and adjectives the ways of neologism forming, English-American borrowings, German personal names.

            He is the author of the range of methodological manuals, studies programs tests for the university students.

            He is teaching a special course: “Theory and practice of translation of special literature”.


He was on probation in Moscow and Leipzig Universities.

            He took part in the range of international, Ukrainian and Western region scientific conferences; in particular: Lviv – 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002. Donetzk – 2001, Kyiv – 1993, Ternopyl – 1997, Uzhorod – 1999.

            He has elelorated 6 budget-supplied of the Ministry of Ukraine. The scientific seminar of the department on the questions of lexicology and grammar has been supervised by him. For a lot of years he headed German language section of the department.