Meeting of the Academic Council

02.09.2021 | 18:15
August 30, 2021 in the auditorium. 405, the first meeting of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​took place this academic year. The meeting, which took place under the guise of a masked regime, was chaired by the Chairman of the Academic Council, Professor of the Department of Intercultural Communication and Translation Volodymyr Sulym. He congratulated everyone on the beginning of the school year and wished them successful and productive work.
On the agenda of the Academic Council were questions about the course of the admission campaign in 2021 at the educational level “Bachelor” and “Master” and the results of the summer test-examination session of 2021 academic year. Acting Dean, Associated Professor Lyubomyr Borakovskyi informed that 527 entrants became freshmen of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Attention was also paid to the difficult moments of the entrance campaign and the summer session.
Acting Lyubomyr Borakovskyi and his deputy for educational work Yuliya Godis reported on the organization of the educational process in the first and second semesters of 2021/2022 academic year. The discussion was attended by the head of the Department of English Philology Prof. Mykhaylo Bilynsky, Professor of the Department of German Philology Bohdan Maksymchuk, Head of the Department of World Literature Prof. Lidiya Matsevko-Bekerska and other.
The Academic Council also approved the Regulations on Practice (speaker: Associate Professor Yuliya Godis) and the meeting plan of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​for 2021/2022 academic year. (Speaker: Secretary of the Academic Council, Associate Professor Maryana Salamakha).
In addition, members of the Academic Council considered the issue of admission to graduate courses. Olesya Tatarovska, Deputy Dean for Research, Associate Professor, informed that the postgraduate department had received 8 applications.
Members of the Academic Council congratulated fourth-year student Iryna Galamay on her election as the chairman of the Scientific Society of students, graduate students and doctoral students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The issues of foreign trips of faculty members and recommendations for academic mobility were also considered.