Seminar: Translation as interlingual and intercultural communication

Head Prof. Alla Paslavska, head of the department of intercultural communication and translation, doctor of philological sciences
Secretary Oksana Molderf, assistant of the department of intercultural communication and translation
History The seminar was created in September 2015
Topics · Ukrainian Germanic studies in the intercultural dialogue;
· The German- language heritage of Ivan Franko: the theory, criticism and practice of translation;
· The speech genre of apology in the present-day German;
· The linguo-cultural aspects of the Ukrainian translations of the German-language fiction of Galicia in 1848-1918;
· The semantics, pragmatics and interlingual transfer of euphemisms in the fiction (on the material of the translations of the contemporary German prose);
· The building, interpretation and translation of the occasionalisms on the material of the contemporary German prose
Address Department of Intercultural Communication and Translation
1, Universytetska st. room. 417
tel. (+38 032) 239 46 80