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Student Government organizes entertainment and promotes education for students of the faculty.

Leisure activities:

  • Organization of professional holiday of the Faculty.
  • Intellectual and cognitive quests.
  • Competition “Miss of the Faculty”.
  • Championship and cup of futsal.
  • Competitions on different sports (table tennis, bike competition).
  • Organization of musical evenings, during which, students play guitar and sing popular Ukrainian songs
  • Creation of necessary conditions for living and rest.
  • Recreation of students.
  • Organization of charitable concert dedicated to the Day of St. Nicolas.
  • Day of Ukrainian Embroidery.
  • Organization of theatrical performances.

Scientific activities:

  • Organization of students’ scientific conferences.
  • Organizationof lectures and seminars on programming.
  • Cooperation with student organizations on scientific projects.

More information on student self-government activities and news can be found at


Daryna Plytus

Inm -31 Head of Students' Trade Union

Yuliya Lutsiv

Inp -32 Head of Communication Department

Yaryna Shpyrko

Inn -31 Head of Cultural Department

Liza Kovalchuk

Inn -31 Head of Charity Department

Sofiya Paladiy

Ina -24 Head of Media Department

Sofiya Kroshnyak

Inf -21 Head of Marketing Department

Our Students in Mukachevo

30.11.2016 | 09:03

Recently the students of the faculty made a small journey to TRANSCARPATHIA! They visited cozy town Mukachevo, tasted traditional dishes, experienced the mysterious atmosphere of the castle Palanok and just had a good time.
Anna Gerych.

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The Faculty Extends Gratitude on the Group “re.Creation Theatre”

22.05.2016 | 08:40

The Faculty thanks the "re.Creation Theatre", its supervisor, PhD Vickoriya Yaremchuk for creative staging of the play "A Streetcar Named Desire" by famous American playwright Tennessee Williams, which was first presented in the original language in Ukraine. The play is dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the birth of the artist, and took place on April 26, 2016 on the premises of the Students' Club of the University.

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The Day of Ukrainian Embroidery

20.05.2016 | 07:09

The staging of the play by Ukrainian playwright M. Staritskyi "Chasing Two Hares" by the "Acropolis" (students' theater of our Faculty) marked a symbolic beginning of the celebration of the Day Of Ukrainian Embroidery.

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