The Faculty of Foreign Languages has established and maintains close contacts with many European universities: University d’Angers (France), Munich and Freiburg Universities (Germany), University Extremadura (Spain), John Moorse Liverpool University (Great Britain). Professional links were established with scientists from  Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Greece. Many times staff members applied for international fellowships on different scientific programmes organized by  “IREX”, “British Council” and “Goethe-Institute in Ukraine”, Cambridge and Princeton Universities, practised in the leading higher educational institutions of Europe and the USA. Four departments ( English, French Philologies and two – Foreign Languages for the non-specialists) of the Faculty participated in the EEC International Project “TEMPUS-Tacis”.
    Within the Project, over 30 staff members, 10 postgraduates and senior students had a practice at the Universities of d’Angers, Caceres and Liverpool.
    The specialists are trained at both day time and extramurial studies. The graduates of the faculty receive the qualification of: “Philologist, Teacher of Foreign Language and Literature”. The graduates from the department of Applied Linguistics named after Hryhoriy Kochur receive the qualification of“Translator. Teacher of English Language”.
     To improve the quality of training students the Scientific Council of the Faculty developed  new approaches to the system of level education. It presupposes the reorientation of teaching Foreign Languages according to the European standards through establishing educational curricula and system of testing for the second and third Foreign Languages. It allows the students to receive a certificate as a supplement to the Diploma stipulating the degrees of Bachelor and Master. New vertical programmes were developed by the staff of the Faculty to promote a possibility for the future graduates to more widely implement the acquired knowledge in their professional activity.
    The Postgraduate and Doctorship Studies help train qualified specialists for the Faculty. The graduates of the Faculty of Foreign Languages apply their knowledge in the sphere of education, they work at scientific institutions, tourist centers, embassies, governmental and commercial structures.