Kathrin Kompe

Position: Lecturer, German Philology Department

Phone (office): (032) 239-47-67

Email: Kathrin.Kompe@lnu.edu.ua

Web page: lingua.lnu.edu.ua

Research interests

Literature and photography, literature and film, fantastic literature, invented traditions, imagined communities, multiple modernities and identities, oral history, Central Asian spiritual and healing practises.


Selected publications:
Magister thesis: “Melancholie und Ordnung in W.G. Sebalds ‘Austerlitz’ und bei seinen literarischen Vorbildern“;
Master thesis: „Die Geister des Landes, Dschingis Khan und das neue Zeitalter – ein urbaner Schamane im Almaty von heute“


2009 – Graduated from Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, Germany (Magister Artium in Germany Philology and European Ethnology)
2009-2015 – Work as photographer, online content editor and social media community moderator in Berlin, Germany
2013-2014 – Research stays in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
2015 – Graduated from Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany (Master in Central Asian Sciences)
2015-2016 – Work as Language Assistant for Goethe-Institute at SLZ Polyglott in Barnaul, Russia
2016-2017 – Work as DaZ teacher for Refugee Integration Classes in Berlin, Germany
2017-2018 – Work as DAAD Language Assistant at Russian-Tajik Slavonic University Dushanbe, Tajikistan
2018 to date – Work as DAAD Lecturer at National Ivan Franko University Lviv, Ukraine


Organizer of OnSet and TestDaF exams at the LNU Lviv.
DaF qualification within the range of the Language Assistant Programme by Goethe-Institute Germany; further qualification within the range of the DAAD Lecturer Programme: international project management, higher education scholarship management; further qualification within the range of Goethe-Institute Ukraine: Digital congress on tools and methodology for DaF online teaching.
BAMF-Certificate for teaching DaZ in Refugee Integration Classes
DAAD GoEast Summerschool, Kazakhstan 2013; DAAD Research Grant, Kazakhstan 2013-2014; DAAD GoEast Summerschool, Uzbekistan 2014; DAAD Language Assistant Grant, Tajikistan 2017-2018.