Solemn Academy for First-Year Students

31.08.2021 | 18:37

Dear first-year students, parents, teachers and friends of the Faculty of Foreign Languages!

We remind you that in accordance with the Rector’s order, changes have been made to hold a joint Solemn Academy for first-year students- it will take place in the Assembly Hall, which will involve only individual representatives from each faculty, here is the news: shchodo-zmin-u-provedenni-urochystoi-akademii-z-nahody-pochatku-novoho-navchalnoho-roku /

Instead, the format of our meeting of first-year students with the dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and the teaching staff of the faculty remains unchanged: we start at 11.30 in the Assembly Hall of the Main Building. We invite all freshmen of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​to the event, not just some delegated persons.

Important – a mandatory mask mode for students and parents !!!

See you on September 1!

With sincere wishes,
Your dean’s office