Pedagogical Practice of Students of the Department of French Philology

28.03.2019 | 13:31

Basic concepts on the history of didactics, the theoretical course of methodology, principles and techniques teaching all linguistic competences using innovative pedagogical technologies activities have been successfully applied by students of the IV-th year of the Department of French Philology during pedagogical practice, which lasted from 11.02.19 till 10.03.19. and took place in four schools of Lviv: Lyceum № 37, Lyceum "Intellect", Lyceum number 15, Lyceum number 4 and by individual plans in other schools of Ukraine supervised by three teachers: Nataliya Yaroshko, Iryna Vygnanska and Nataliya Mykolayevych-Dzhuman.

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“Week of Discussions” and “Live Library”

28.03.2019 | 13:18

Colin Chan Redemer , a professor at the California College of St. Mary Colin, delivered a lecture on the topic "The Philosophy and History of the Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" at the invitation of the Department of Foreign Languages for Natural Sciences in the framework of the "Week of Discussions" and "Living Library" projects.

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Year of the French Language in Ukraine. Francophone Marathon of 2019

24.03.2019 | 09:52

For the third consecutive year, March 20, when the International Francophone Day is celebrated in the world, students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and other institutions studying French as the main and second foreign language as well as students of non-specialized faculties became active participants in the Francophone Marathon proposed by the French Embassy in Ukraine within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the University and the Alliance Francaise in Lviv.

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