Comparative-Historical Linguistics and Modern Romans Studies: Vocabulary, Semantics, Text

Head Zoryana Piskozub, Acting Chairperson of the Department of French Philology, Accociate Professor, Docent of the Department of French Philology
Secretary Khrystyna Lesko, Docent of the Department of French Philology
History The workshop has been held since 1980. In the early years of its activities (1980-1985-86) the report reflected the tradition and the present state of mainly French and Spanish languages. Since the beginning of the 1990s the seminar topics widened  ​​- the study of the Italian language was added (research thesis was defended by assistant Natalia Strilets: “Semantic Phraseologisms in Spanish, French and Italian Languages.”). In 2012 A. Kabov defended the thesis  “Category of Hypothetical in French and Spanish.” Olga Kundys is at the stage of finalizing the PhD thesis on the study of Italian language.
Topics Prior areas of research are: vocabulary, word formation, artistic and journalistic texts of different periods. In discussion of dissertations written by young scholars papers on cognitive and structural methods of analysis are also presented. Scientists from other universities of Ukraine and lecturers who taught in Lviv University are invited to participate it the seminar . Meetings take place every two months
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