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The opening of the Spanish Centre devoted to the 350th anniversary of  Ivan Franco National University of Lviv.

Presents from Susana Trots:

About one thousand books from the private library:

ü Spanish and  Latin

American literature;

ü Dictionaries, encyclopedias and books;

 Short and full-length films:

ü Spanish

ü Latin American


ü Spanish cities;

ü Collection of Spanish art from the Museo del Prado.

 Room equipment:

ü Furniture /wall unit-bookshelves/;

ü Wall decoration of the room 422;

ü Satellite television.


Preparation to the Spanish Centre foundation started long ago.

The idea of foundation of the Spanish Centre was mentioned for the first time during the celebration devoted to “History of Argentine tango and Ukrainian Diaspora in Argentina”, where Mrs. Susana Mergui, Consul of Embassy of Argentina in Ukraine, was present. The event was reported in the university newspaper “Kamenyar” and local publications.

The idea was supported by Kristian Sokolovsky, Consul of Embassy of Argentina in Ukraine; Mrs. Lila Roldan Vazquez de Moine, Ambassador of Argentina in Ukraine; Mrs. Berenise Rendon Talavera, Ambassador of the United Mexican State in Ukraine; Ivan Shrum, Honorary Consul of Mexico in Ukraine.

Cooperation with the University of Buenos Aires, the National University of Córdoba /Argentina/, the University of Barcelona /Spain/, the University of Mexico. Professors from these universities visited the department; correspondence and communication via Internet between students and teachers / Olena Molodozhenya , ph. Aldo Parfenyuk/ are continued till the present time.

In 2010 Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages allowed to use room 422 as the Spanish Centre.

With the assistance of Volodymyr Kyrylych, Pro-rector of Ivan Franco National University of Lviv, and Volodymyr Sulym, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the Spanish Centre was opened March 9th, 2011.

Different meetings, expositions, celebrations, consultations on the Spanish language and literature, on training of Spanish speaking guides take place in the Spanish Centre.

During classes live broadcast from Spain, Cuba, Chile and Hispanic countries are transmitted.

Students and teachers have opportunities to use books and video materials from library of the Spanish Centre.

There are a lot of projects, research papers done by students, who study Spanish.


Aims of the Spanish Centre:

  • To promote the development of  the Spanish language;
  • To improve the knowledge of the Spanish language and literature;
  • To provide knowledge of  famous people, culture of  Hispanic countries;
  • To help students to take courses of the Spanish language in the universities of Spain;
  • Involving of students to research works connected with the study of history and culture of Hispanic countries.
The main tasks of the Spanish Centre:

  • To promote interest in learning the Spanish/Castile language;
  • To provide advice about learning the Spanish language and literature of Spain and Latin America /Maevska O. T.; Kushnir O. P./;
  • To inform about the main events in Hispanic countries through newspapers, magazines, meetings and television broadcasts from Spain and Hispanic countries;
  • To provide opportunities for teachers and students to use books, audio and video materials;
  • To inform about language courses in Spain /DELE/ -/Tsymbalisty I. Y./.
  • To promote bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Spain, Argentina, Mexico.
  • To train Spanish speaking guides for EURO-2012 /Trots S. D., Shmigelsky I. S./.
  • To spend annual holidays in Barcelona, Spain, after summer examinations.