Ivan Teplyy

Position: Associate Professor, Foreign Languages for the Humanities Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-41-76

Google Scholar profile: scholar.google.com.ua

Research interests

Linguistics, Translation Studies, Theory of Literature, Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, Sci-Tech Translation, Versification

Selected publications

The Correlation of Verbal Substituition and Representation// Inozemna Filolohiya. Linguistic journal published at Lviv University – 1988–Issue 90: Article (in Ukrainian)
The Morphologicаl Aspect of Verbal Representation//Inozemna Filolohiya. – 1992–Issue 104: Article (in Ukrainian).
A Working Syllabus in English (for Postgraduates and Fellows of English as Minor Subject): Working Guide. Drohobych : Drohobych Teacher Training Institute, 1993 (in Ukrainian).Co-authored by Danylo M. Kuzyk.
A Working Syllabus on the English Language for Students of International Relations: Method Guide (in Ukrainian and English) – Lviv: Lviv State University, 1994. Co-authored by Ihor S.Byk..
Multiple-Choice Tests for First-Year Students of International Relations: Working Guide (in Ukrainian and English) //Multiple-Choice Tests for Sciences and Arts Students of Universities. Lviv: Lviv University Press, 1994. Co-authored by Anetta L. Artsyshevska a.o.
Dialogue Teaching: Traditions and Multimedia Integrated// Multimedia in Foreign Language Teaching: International Scholarly Conference. Abstracts. Ed. by Prof. Karaban V.I.—К.:Taras Shevchenko National University, 1997.

A Diachronic Aspect of the Verb TO DO as Syntactic Substitute and Representer// Inozemna Filolohiya. – 1996–Issue 109: Article (in Ukrainian).
A Dichotomy of the Verb TO DO as Syntactic Substitute and Representer// Inozemna Filolohiya. – 1996–Issue 110: Article (in Ukrainian).

Predicative Verbal Representers in a Diachronic View: Article (in Ukrainian)// Inozemna Filolohiya. – 1999–Issue 111.

Contextual Verbal Representers in the History of English//: Article (in Ukrainian Inozemna Filolohiya – 2001.- Issue 112.

The Ukrainian Orthography of Foreign Borrowings//Ukrayinskyi pravopys: tak i ni: (The Ukrainian Orthography: Yes and No): A Discussion on a New Edition of Ukrainian Orthography/ Ed.and compl. by О.О.Taranenko.-К.: “Ridna mova,”, “Dovira”, 1997.Chapter in a monograph. Co-authored by Roksoliana P. Zorivchak, Olha S. Medvid, Olha S. Breslavska.

The Poem “Semper tiro” by Ivan Franko in English and Polish Translations//Proceedings of the 16th Annual Scholarly Conference Dedicated to the 145th Anniversary of Ivan Franko’s Birthday. Lviv (17-19 October 2001).— Ed. by Larysa P. Bondar.—Lviv, 2002.

Syllabus on the Theory of Translation course//. Theoretical course for full-time students, Foreign Languages Faculty. —Lviv: Editing and Publishing Centre at Lviv National University , 2002. Co-authored by Roksoliana P. Zorivchak, Oksana V. Dzera.

Stylistic Peculiarities of Using Terminological /Economics/ Vocabulary in the Scientific and Popular Discourse (Bаsed on Ukrainian)”. Visnyk: “Problemy ukrayinskoyi terminolohiyi”(Issues of Ukrainian Terminology). Lviv: National University“Lvivska Politekhnika”.—2002.— №453. —P.309-313. Co-authored by Liudmyla Yo. Bondarchuk.

Concise English–Ukrainian Dictionary on Financial Management. Co-authored by Liudmyla Yo. Bondarchuk and Vasyl V. Bondarchuk. –Lviv: Ukrayinski tekhnolohiyi, 2004.

Zwei Übertragungen aus Heinrich Heine//Deutsch als Fremdsprache in der Ukraine: Zeitschrift des Ukrainischer Deutschlehrer und Germanistenverband.—Chefredakteurin Tetjana Komarnytska.—Heft 14, 2003—S.38-41.

Book. Enlightenment. Nation. (Ivan Franko’s Publishing Activity in the 1870s-1880s): Review Translation// Якимович Б.З.(Yakymovych. B. Кnyha. Prosvita. Natsiya(Ivan Franko’s Publishing Activity in the 1870s-1880s)): Monograph.— Lviv, 1996.

Павлюк І.З. Алергія на вічність: Поезія.—Львів: Каменяр, 1999 (I.Pavliuk. Allergy to Eternity: Poetry.Lviv: Kameniar Publishers,1999): Translations of Poetry—P.123-149.

V.Sosiura “I Love”: Translation of Poetry //Каменяр: Information and analytical newspaper .– 2002. .– No.3.– Lviv: Lviv National University.

Poetry by H. Heine: Translations into Ukrainian (Cycles “Lyrisches Intermezzo” and “Heimkehr”)// Forma(r)t: Almanac of Most Up-to Date Literary Artistic Texts and Translations. Ed. by O. Gordon. .No. 3. – Lviv: Spolom, 2002.—P.61.

V.Ivasiuk. The Red Rue: Translation from the Ukrainian//Голос народу: Часопис Пустомитівської районної Ради Львівської області (Newspaper published by the Pustomyty District Council of the Lviv Region).—№40. October 9, 2004.—P.13.


Graduated from Lviv Ivan Franko State University, Foreign Languages Faculty, in 1982.

1982–1983 –English language teacher in an eight-year school, Horodok District, Lviv Region.

1983–1993 –Lecturer, Drohobych State Pedagogical Institute named after Ivan Franko, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Lviv Region.

1989-1991 –Fellow, Kyiv State University named after Taras Shevchenko.

1993–1995– English Language Lecturer, Foreign Languages Department, Lviv National Ivan FrankoUniversity.

1995–1998– English Language Lecturer, English Philology Department, Lviv National Ivan FrankoUniversity.

1998–2004– Associate Professor, Translation Studies and Contrastive Linguistics Department named after Hryhoriy Kochur, Lviv National Ivan Franko University.

2004–present– Associate Professor, Foreign Languages Department for Humanities, Lviv NationalIvan Franko University.

he author of 55 linguistic and methodology works, in particular – a co-author of, 3 educational accessories, a series of tests for students’ knowledge control, translations. Member of the Learned Council, Foreign Languages Faculty (1998-2002); Scholarly Secretary, Inozemna Filolohiya (“Foreign Philology”) linguistic journal.