Markiyan Dombrovkyi

Position: Associate Professor, Classical Philology Department, Deputy Head of the Department for Research

Phone (office): (032) 239-41-38

Research interests

research of way of life lexicon in Early Latin Language.

Main trends in scientific and educational activity:

Roman Lyrics of the Times of Augustus and Tubules.


Selected publications

  1. Tragedy of Tubules’ Discription of Country Idyll. //Studia Philologica: Scientific Collection. N. 5 – Minsk, 2002 – pp. 12-22.
  2. Sound Aspect of the Picture of Country Life in the First Elegy by Tubules. //Molod’, Osvita, Nauka, Kultura i Natsionalna Svidomist’, V.1:ЗB of the materials of All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference, Kyiv, 27-28 March 2003. Pp.94-97.


1996-2001 – student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Classical Philology.

2001 – post graduate student of the department of Classical Philology.

2002 – lecturer of Department of Classical Philology.