Seminar: Text. Culture. Socium

Head Prof. Dr. Ivan Bekhta
Secretary Natalya Kurylko, assistant of the Department of Foreign Languages for Humanities
History The history and development of the seminar: Linguistic Seminar “Text. Culture. Socium” was established in 2011. The scholars of the faculty of Foreign languages (the department of English Philology, the department of Foreign Languages for the Humanities, the department of Foreign Languages for Natural Sciences, Hryhoriy Kochur Department of Translation Studies and Contrastive Linguistics) and the faculty of International Relations (the department of  Foreign Languages) take active part in the research of different functional and genre texts in the unity of their philosophy, dialectic and poetics
Topics Text Linguistics
Discourse Studies
Narrative Poetics
Cognitive Narratology
Postmodern Studies
Address Department of English Philology
The Faculty of Foreign Languages
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
1, Universytetska St., Lviv, 79000, Ukraine
Phone: (+38032) 239 -41-04