Lina Hlushchenko

Position: Associate Professor, Classical Philology Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-41-38


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Research interests

Substantiation of adjectives in Latin Language. Functional-semantic description of lexical units of Latin and old Greek Languages. Contrastive analysis of Old  and Modern Greek Languages.

Optimization of teaching technologies, education and assessment of students in the classical languages teaching process.


Selected publications

  1. Intensity of Substantiation of Adjectives in Cicero (on the material of Treatises “ De Lepibus”, “ De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum ”). //Іnozemna Filologiya. Lviv. – 1985. – N. 80. – Pp. 23-30.
  2. 2. Micro System of Terms Signifying Temples in Treatise by Vitruvius “De Architectura”. // Yazyk i Cultura. Vzaimoponimaniye: Materials of International Canference. – Lviv, 1997. – Pp. 102-106. /In co-authorship with  L. Oliynyk/.
  3. 3. Γλουστενκο Λ.Μ. Οι  Ελληωες στη Δυτικη Ουκραωια . Οι  ελληνικες σπουδες στην πολη Λβιβ. // Επιστημονικες δημοσιευσεις διδασκαντων και φοιτητων. – Τομος 1, τευχος 2. – Ευνικο και Καποδιστριακο Πανεπιστημιο Αυηνων. – Αυηωα, 2000, σελ. 67-70.


1966 –1971 – student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Classical Philology.

1971 –1975 – lecturer of Department of Classical Philology.

1975 – 1978 – post graduate student of Department of Classical Philology.

1978 – 1991 – lecturer of Department of Classical Philology.

1988 – defended thesis for the Candidate of Philology: “Substantiated Adjectives in Cicero as Functional System” (on the material of Treatises “ De Lepibus ”, “ De Finibus Bonorum etMalorum ”)

1991 – Associate Professor of Department of Classical Philology.

1998 – member of Scientific-Methodological Council of UIS on the problems of Neo Hellenistic.

2000 – Director of the Center of Greek Language and Culture named after Arseniy Elasonskyi.

Lectures on theoretical grammar of Old Greek, Greek Epigraphic and Contrastive Syntax of Old and Modern Greek Languages.

Scientific supervisor of one thesis for the Candidate of Philology.


Optimization of technologies of teaching, training and assesement of students’ skills in the process of teaching Classic Languages.