Maryana Mokrivska

Position: Lecturer, Classical Philology Department

Phone (office): (032) 239-41-38


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Research interests

The research of the Semantics of Adjectives in Old Greek Language on the basis of the “Ephiopica” by Heliodor.

Main trends in scientific and educational activity: Semantics of adjectives in Old Greek language.


Selected publications

1.The semantic structure of the adjective in Heliodor’s novel Ethiopia. /Mokrovskaya M.T.// Language and conceptual pictures of the world. Collections of scientific works. – No. 6, book. 2, p. 41-45. – Kiev, 2002.

2. The semantic structure of adjectives with the meaning “wise” in the ancient Greek novel. Mokrovskaya /Mokrovskaya M.T.// Scientific Notes of Ostroh Academy National University. – Issue 62. P. 237-240.

3.Mokrovskaya M. Notes // Melina Mercury; trans. from the Greek L. Glushchenko, M. Mokrivskaya, K. Paraschak. – Lviv: Center of Greek Language and Culture. Arseniya Elasonsky Ivan Franko National University of Leningrad, 2016. – P. 279-290.

4.The structure of the narrative in Heliodor’s novel “Ethiopia” /Mokrovskaya M.T. // Scientific Notes of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University. – Berdyansk, 2016. – Issue XI. – P. 95-101.

5. Adjectives for character traits in ancient Greek novel. /Mokrovskaya M.T. // Scientific Notes of the National University of Ostroh Academy. 2018. Issue 1 (69). Part 2. P. 43-46.



1988-1993 – student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Classical Philology.

1993-1995 – secretary of the Department of Classical Philology.

2000 – scientific secretary of the Center of Greek Language and Culture named after Arseniy Elasonskyi.

Courses read: Latin Language, Old and Modern Greek Languages.


Kuhta V. Travel of the poet // Translation into Greek Mokrivskaya MT Lviv: Space-M.2018. Pp. 38-41.