The Professor Yuriy O. Zhluktenko Research and Methodological Workshop in Translation Studies and Contrastive Linguistics

Head Associate Professor, Oleksandra Litvinyak
Secretary Lecturer, Mariia Horodylovska
History The Workshop was launched on November 1, 1994. Since then, regular meetings have been held twice a month. The main aim is to train young teachers and translation researchers; to elaborate methods of translation quality assessment; to disseminate knowledge in the history of translation and Translation Studies globally with the emphasis on Ukraine
Topics · Translation methods (borrowing, calque, literal translation, transposition, modulation, equivalence, adaptation);
· In-depth analysis of linguistic aspects of translation (terms, term systems, local colouring, intertextuality etc.);
· Translation Studies Analysis methods;
· Translators and interpreters of Ukraine: a concise history of popular and less known personalities;
· Methods of teaching translation and the first foreign language.
Address Hryhoriy Kochur Department of Translation Studies and Contrastive
1, Universytetska Str., Room 313Г, Lviv, 79000
Tel .: (+38 032) 2394374