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Department: english philology




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
1018Associate Professor Svitlana VoitiukIna-51ME


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
1018Ina-51MEAssociate Professor Svitlana Voitiuk

Course description

The course aims at giving the learners the opportunities to enlarge their knowledge on the XIX-XX c.c. English literature.

The tasks of the course pertain the comprehensive development of  listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the learners so that they become able to select the necessary information, make presentations and participate in the classroom discussions.

The topicality of the course contains 15 texts of the British prose writers correlated for 36 academic hours and covers the material concerning the English literature of the XIX-XX c.c.

Recommended Literature


1.Florence Nightingale. Cassandra (written,1852-59; published, 1928).

2.Oscar Wilde. The Importance of Being Earnest (performed, 1985; published, 1899).

3.Bernard Shaw. Mrs.Warren’s Profession (written, 1893; published 1898).

4.E.M.Forster. The Road from Colonus (1911).

5.Virginia Woolf. The Mark on the Wall (1921). Modern Fiction (1925). A Room of One’s Own (1929). Professions for Women (published,1942). A Sketch of the Past (written, April1939 – November 1940; published, 1978).

6.James Joyce. The Dead (1914).

7.D.H.Lawrence. Odor of Chrysanthemums (1911, 1914). The Horse-Dealer’s Daughter (1922). Why the Novel Matters (1936).

8.Katherine Mansfield. The Daughters of the Late Colonel (1922).

9.George Orwell. Politics and the English Language (1946, 1947).

10.Samuel Beckett. Happy Days (1961).

11.Doris Lessing. To Room Nineteen (1963).

12.Edna O’Brien. Sister Imelda (1981).

13.Harold Pinter. The Dumb Waiter (1960).

14.Tom Stoppard. The Real Inspector Hound (1968).

15.Susan Hill. How Soon Can I Leave? (1973)

 Basic Sources

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