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The Department of International Communication and Translation was created in March 2008. It is headed by Professor Alla Paslavska, who researches the problems of Language Universalia, Linguistic Typology, International Communication.





Chairperson, Professor (by-worker)Alla PaslavskaChairperson, Professor (by-worker)
ProfessorVolodymyr SulymProfessor
Associate ProfessorLyubomyr BorakovskyiAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorKhrystyna DyakivAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorBohumyla LesechkoAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorTetyana LyashenkoAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorSvitlana MatsenkaAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorNatalya PalamarAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorOlexandra ShumyatskaAssociate Professor
LecturerHildegard KaintsbauerLecturer
LecturerKateryna Magdysh-YaremkoLecturer
LecturerOksana MolderfLecturer
LecturerYuliya MykhaylivskaLecturer
LecturerYuriy ProkhaskoLecturer
LecturerOlena PrysiazhniukLecturer
LecturerOlena PylypchukLecturer
LecturerTetyana SopilaLecturer
LecturerRoksolyana StasenkoLecturer
LecturerMariya VachkoLecturer

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Lecturers' schedule

Teaching materials

The staff of the Department participate in the budget interfaculty scientific research “Universal and Idio-Ethnic in Intercultural Communication ” (2009–2011).


The scientific interests of the staff of the Department embrace wide range of the problems of Theory and Practice of German-Ukrainian Translation (V. Sulym, M. Smoliy), Intercultural Communication (A. Paslavska), Genre Studies (K. Dyakiv), Contrastive Grammar and Lexicology (T. Struk), Methodology of Teaching German Language  (V. Sulym, M. Smoliy), Stylistics (T. Lyashenko), resulting in the Monograph “Negation as Language Universalia: Principles, Parameters, Functioning” (2005) and Manual “Practical Course of German Lexicology” (2008) by A. Paslavska, Text-Book for the students of Economics  “Business German” (2008) and “German Grammar Reference Book” (2008) by M. Smoliy, Text-Book „Funktionalstilistik der deutschen Sprache“ by T. Lyashenko, a set of manuals and translations by V. Sulym.


Presentation of German Anthology of Works by Ivan Franko “Vivere memento”

31.05.2016 | 09:45

A presentation of the anthology of German works by Ivan Franko "Vivere memento" took place in the Mirror Hall of Lviv University on May 27. It was organized by the Department of Intercultural Communication and Translation in cooperation with the Vienna University, with the support of the Austrian Academic Exchange Service in Lviv, Doctoral research group "Galicia" (Galizien-Kolleg der Universität Wien).

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Winners of the V-th Interuniversity Olympiad in Translation

19.04.2016 | 09:00

Students of the Departments of Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication and Translation participated and took prizes at the V-th Interuniversity Olympiad in Translation among students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

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